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Dog biscuits

Any owner of a dog will be able to confirm: what never missing canine snacks! They are essential to educate them, play with them, even for their dental health. And in all that range of snacks, certainly among the most popular, tasty and desirable dog biscuits they are. You do not know them? For careful because in our online store animals we offer an assortment of the most appealing to you end up finding your favorite pet.

Cookies for training your dog

Cookies no longer treats for dogs. For that reason they are not to take as their main food or as a simple canine bauble. We must seize that excite your pet to train her and raise her. That is, we will give you one of those cookies when you behave properly, that is, this kind of snacks for dogs end up awards such as to reward good behavior.

In short, a bag awards , an intelligent management of dog leash and patience we must educate our animal perfectly. Try, with constancy and cookies and snacks favorite dogs will surprise you what you can get to learn your can.

Cookies for fun

The truth is that the bag prizes have to be as common and essential in rides like the dog collar itself and its relevant belt. Tasty cookie is a gift you give from time to time our pet, which amused him, he will move to win another and certainly also make the much livelier, the dog and his master walk.

In short, the dog biscuits are part of its moments of fun. And not only that, but there are even manufacturers of toys for dogs as the brand Kong that I propose funny articles in which the animal finds its cookie inside the toy.

healthy snacks

This type of food, although they give the animal regularly, do not have to be part of their staple diet and not abuse them. In fact, the success of cookies, sticks and other snacks for dogs is usually made with very tasty ingredients, including never lack good amounts of salt, sugar or fat. As we have said before, they are dog treats, and as happens with human, not used for food, for that are already different types of dog food , but to eat at times.

In addition not all dogs are the same, and there may be individuals with different ailments, aches or shortcomings that need their dog food complies with specific requirements. Well, just as there are feed and cans special wet food, also you can buy cookies Kong , Hill's , Advance and other equally prestigious and present in our catalog brands, which have products for special diets or for dogs allergy problems.

And even, you will also see in our samples of products for dogs that have other types of cookies that not only have a preventive character, but they have their best asset for maintenance of dental hygiene of your dog value. It is extremely attractive goodies for its aroma and flavor, but the process of eating is a real toothbrushing for the animal. That is, we are talking about ideal food for the hygiene of your teeth by removing tartar that can bring them many problems if it accumulates.