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Combs for dogs

Have the dog you have, large or small, short or long hair, shepherd or hunter, etc. Any dog sit well a good brushing his fur. For health, aesthetics, for hygiene and for the great pleasure we provide stops no longer be a wonderful massage by what we give combs and brushes for dogs.

Brushing the dog health

When we talk about health, we are not referring to preventive health. Thanks to pass with care brush comb dog all over their fur can discover certain parasites that hide in your head of hair. It is normal to be in those moments halfway between brushing and petting when they see such a tick. It is time then use tweezers to remove and re-checking their antiparasitic pipette to be protected again for a few months.

Also related to animal health have other interesting tools hairdresser in certain situations. We are talking about the hair clipper machines dogs . A key to disinfect wounds that sometimes your dog is Razors. Disinfection to take effect, we have previously carefully remove hair from the entire area with clippers calls for dogs. And after making the cure, do not worry because that hair will sprout quickly.

Brushing the dog for aesthetics

Combs for dogs may seem more suitable for short - haired animals, while canines brushes would be ideal for long coat. In this section of our pet shop you'll see that many of the items we offer are different manufacturers, as Artero or Arquivet , who recommends you your combs and brushes for certain races and therefore length and thickness of the coat. A good example of this is the furminator brush dogs shorthaired we have in our catalog store virtual pets.

And they are long or short, straight or curly hair, do not doubt that hair is a real shelter for the animal. A wrap not pound or summer. So many pets heat appreciate a good old machine with trimmer, a refreshing shave and a whole new look.

Brushing for hygiene

This type of dog's are also suitable to keep the animal in good hygienic conditions. A dog that at first sight we see areas of knotting, lumpy or greasy hair, gives a healthy look, though perhaps only dirty. Moreover, in the case of long-haired dogs it is impossible that they are not tie knots. So we have special brushes to undo . And of course thoroughly brushing is ideal for a bath with different add - dog shampoos , you 'll also find without leaving

Brushing pleasure

There is no doubt that the greatest pleasure during this practice is for the dog, but also for the owner as it is an act in which both interact. It is not nothing but pass the brush or get the mitten for dogs and cherish for a long time our dog, which now seem to smile. Or are we?