Horslyx Mobility


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Features Horslyx Mobility

  • Reference5060050111281
  • Weight15 Kg, 5 KG
  • BrandHorslyx
  • Product TypeBlock
  • Special Cares

Description Horslyx Mobility

Horslyx Mobility is a solid block supplement that promotes proper operation and joint movement. Research has shown that Horslyx Mobility provides amplitude movements of the horse.
Research has shown that Horslyx Mobility favors the range of motion of the horse. (Click here for full results).
Mobility Horslyx balances nutritional deficiencies forage or grazing and promotes proper joint function through a feeding pattern based on the self-dosing and concentrated in a single block.
Mobility Horslyx contains Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Omega oils in optimal proportions, plus a high content of Horslyx Vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It includes powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium, to support and strengthen the immune system.
The glucosamine are glycoproteins which are present in the joints, it is a key component of ligaments, cartilage and joints. The MSM is a component that works in conjunction with glucosamine, helping to keep in good condition of the joints and connective tissue, including mobility, flexibility and range of movement thereof. The MSM also has antioxidant properties.
Omega 3 and 6 oils found in plant and marine oils. The body is unable to produce these essential fatty acids, so they must be obtained from the diet because it plays a key role in the immune system.
When we manage good quality forage in suitable proportions Horslyx Mobility avoids having to supplement the diet with blocks of salt and offers an effective, appealing, easy to use method and cost for feeding his horse; also it favors the maintenance of movement and joint health.
How can you help Mobility Horslyx your horse or pony?
Administered regularly, this product helps maintain flexibility and joint health.
It reduces boredom and stress.
It offers a tasty diet need not be mixed or prepared.
Balances nutritional deficiencies forage or pasture.
It provides an alternative supply both box and field, is a product resistant to weathering.
Mobility Horslyx, Llos is for horse owners, a unique traditional use of alternative Nutraceuticals.
Format available in a cube of 5 Kg, designed to be used with container Horslyx 5kg and 15kg bucket for use with the container Horslyx 15Kg.
All products manufactured in Horslyx, are backed by the security code UFAS BETA NOPS.
Mobility Horslyx not contain hardeners chemicals, colorings or preservatives, it is ideal for all types of horses and ponies stabled, fed stored hay or grass, in a period of rest or intense training.
Recommended for the following disciplines: Jumping Track

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